AMD’s V-Cache Tested: The Latency Teaser

If you were like us and were surprised that AMD announced 3D V-Cache back in August and wondered how AMD would be able to pull this off, well, we have a teaser article for you today regarding V-Cache’s latency!

The Latency

There was much speculation about just how much latency V-Cache would add and the answer may surprise you!

Absolute Time Latency of Milan vs Milan-X
Cycle Latency of Milan vs Milan-X

All I have to say is good job AMD, this minimal latency increase of 3 to 4 cycles is downright amazing considering that this is three times the L3 of standard Milan. Now the clock speed of Milan-X is a little lower on paper; however, it does appear that Milan-X is boosting better than standard Milan, which effectively negates the slight cycle increase of V-Cache.

The Follow-On

As I said, this is a very short teaser article just covering Milan versus Milan-X’s L3 latency, with more comprehensive testing coming later with bandwidth numbers and comparisons to other CPUs, so please stay tuned for that! However, running these servers are not cheap so if you want to support us in our endeavours, consider heading over to our Patreon or our PayPal if you want to toss a few bucks our way. If you would like to talk with the Chips and Cheese staff and the people behind the scenes, consider joining our Discord.


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